Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Project

Bored with my pine table and chairs I decided to paint them this weekend! The table had its long, skinny legs painted 'english man on the beach' white and the top was sanded down to within an inch of its life and buffed up again with natural wax. The chairs were layed with matching paint and then because I don't like anything ordinary, a scarlet heart has been added to each chair, finished off with a layer of varnish to protect from scraping bottoms.

I'm very pleased with the results....


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Inspiration at last!

Last week my mum gave me a picture she had seen and thought of me. The photo was a beautiful evening sky with clouds swept across the sky, the trees in the foreground silhouetted against the illuminated sky. An image that would be fun to try to imitate to see if I could make my clouds as wispy and dramatic as the photographer had captured, so out came all my paints and brushes and I found a couple of canvases that would be perfect, I decided on the smaller one to make the picture more intense.

An hour later I was staring at this newly started creation, numbed and slightly lost as to how to continue, I had lost the flow of the picture and knew I wouldn't be happy if I continued. Kettle on and chocolate in hand I decided I needed to just paint and not worry about the outcome, so I put the other picture on hold for now, grabbed the larger canvas and the following picture was born!!

Waves on the beach

                                                                                                        © REBECCA WARD 2010

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