Thursday, March 03, 2011

Driftwood en francais

I couldn't believe my eyes when I was walking Ella and saw this gorgeous piece of driftwood washed up on my parents beach....


My mind went into free-fall of all the things I could do with it. Finding an abandoned inanimate object like a piece of wood, pine cone, an old bottle or a heart shaped pebble is as exciting for me as someone else finding a £20 note on the street, sad but true!!

A few weeks ago I found a stencil set in the sale at my local craft store. I had always wanted one but refused to pay a ridiculous price. This set at 99p, however, was fine! 

So together with my new craft paints that my mum found in a sale, we're a thrifty lot, this was born...

This has been, for now, placed in our new downstairs shower room. Where a beachy style theme has evolved from the slate floor and gorgeous little slate stones with a white vein running through them positioned in the floor of the shower reminding me of being on a beach in Cornwall.

(don't look at the walls though, they are work in progress!)

Thank you Ella x

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