Monday, June 03, 2013

"On the way to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives...."

Save me a plot here...

...when no-one's looking I will come and sit here.

Winter in St. Ives

Looking up at the egg shell white skies
Wisped with misty wintered greys
A rainy postcard panorama
Of a certain earthly amaze.

Pulling my coat around my mouth
The battling chill crowns my head
Coastline gulls waddle on the mirroring wet sand
Swept from the unforgettable colours of the oceans bed.

Into restaurants and into coffee houses
The rare few haste to keep warm
An unique contrast of summer
With all its feverous, raucous swarm.

Gazing out at the stately homes stacked on rustic mossy rocks
Dark green trees thread themselves in the thrilling fabric of the hills
Hearing the bluster against the many boat masts
While an intoxicating calm in me quickly distils.

This is a place so at ease with its own hibernation
Merrily exposing a different character that is wondrously undressed
And as I take in the rows of closed shops
The feeling left isn’t one of emptiness but one of being blessed.



Saturday, March 09, 2013

I can't wait for Summer!!

We had a couple of lovely warm days last week and it reminded me how much I miss the sun. I love the Winter for Christmas, being cosy by a fire, rare glimpses of snow, but.........I can't wait for Summer.

That Lovely Feeling of the Warm Sun on your Face

Sand Between Your Toes

Discovering New Places

A Refreshing Paddle or, if you dare, a Swim

Cocktail by the Marina 

Watching the Sunset

Monday, March 05, 2012

Union Jack Canvas

Who has the money to buy pictures nowadays....I certainly don't! So when my step-daughter wanted the latest trend of union jacks in her shabby chic room I got my husband to cut out a square of MDF, covered it with fabric from my stash......

...then added some ribbons, fabric and a silk belt from an old top....

...together with some cute beads that she had collected and voila...

Think I might do another for myself!!

Love Bex x

Friday, November 18, 2011

This one doesn't need a title.....It's my beloved Cornwall!

Everybody loves Cornwall...hang on a minute I said that about cushions!?!....well nobody has disagreed with me, so I shall also make that sweeping statement about Cornwall as well!

....but how can you not love it...its beautiful....

These believe it or not are NOT sunsets, don't choke on your cuppa, they are in fact sunrises....yes that's right, sunrises! Astonishing on two counts - 1. I have never seen a sunrise like that in Surrey before & 2. I was up early enough in the morning to see a sunrise!

Pretending I was a millionaire on beautiful boat for the day....

Although I did see several seals in the sea, these seals/sea-lions were at the Gweek Seal Sanctuary...

- who knew they had toenails

This is a before & after of one getting angry with me cos I blocked his sunlight!

The astounding St. Michaels Mount, which gets completely cut off from the mainland at high tide. As you can see from my pic the causeway is about to be flooded by the tide and anyone who didn't manage to get off the island on time will need to catch the local ferry.

- you'll think I'm mad but I swear there is a heart shape on my Cornish Pasty....

Bye Cornwall x

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can't afford I make it!

Any time I visit a furniture store, craft fair, or look through magazines, etc I see the most beautiful rugs. 

I particularly like them textured, with a 'I must feel this' look about them, in any grey hue.

But alas my bank account doesn't allow for such luxury items, 
that was until I saw Ingrid Wagner, Rug & Art Creation

Cinderella will have that rug, she'll just have to make it!

So I bought my 600mm Big Knit Needles - yes, you did read that correctly, they are HUGE needles! 

Chose my yarn in my dream grey hues and set about, with Ingrid Wagners pattern, knitting and purling.

Their yarn is also 100% recycled and 100% wool. It's the selvedge of industrial weaving which would otherwise be discarded as waste. So I'm helping the environment at the same time!

I am about half way through and loving it...

It will be positioned in my new lounge (that is also still in progress!!) laid over the top of the oak floorboards. My coffee table will sit in the middle of it and I'm still toying with the idea to shabby chic the table, but I'll wait till the room in finished to decide. 

Only 35 more rows to do, which is the great thing about 
Big Knitting, if you are quite good at knitting you can create one of these rugs or throws in just 5hrs! 

Hope you like it as much as me, let me know if you have any comments!

Bex x

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