Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can't afford I make it!

Any time I visit a furniture store, craft fair, or look through magazines, etc I see the most beautiful rugs. 

I particularly like them textured, with a 'I must feel this' look about them, in any grey hue.

But alas my bank account doesn't allow for such luxury items, 
that was until I saw Ingrid Wagner, Rug & Art Creation

Cinderella will have that rug, she'll just have to make it!

So I bought my 600mm Big Knit Needles - yes, you did read that correctly, they are HUGE needles! 

Chose my yarn in my dream grey hues and set about, with Ingrid Wagners pattern, knitting and purling.

Their yarn is also 100% recycled and 100% wool. It's the selvedge of industrial weaving which would otherwise be discarded as waste. So I'm helping the environment at the same time!

I am about half way through and loving it...

It will be positioned in my new lounge (that is also still in progress!!) laid over the top of the oak floorboards. My coffee table will sit in the middle of it and I'm still toying with the idea to shabby chic the table, but I'll wait till the room in finished to decide. 

Only 35 more rows to do, which is the great thing about 
Big Knitting, if you are quite good at knitting you can create one of these rugs or throws in just 5hrs! 

Hope you like it as much as me, let me know if you have any comments!

Bex x

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