Friday, November 18, 2011

This one doesn't need a title.....It's my beloved Cornwall!

Everybody loves Cornwall...hang on a minute I said that about cushions!?!....well nobody has disagreed with me, so I shall also make that sweeping statement about Cornwall as well!

....but how can you not love it...its beautiful....

These believe it or not are NOT sunsets, don't choke on your cuppa, they are in fact sunrises....yes that's right, sunrises! Astonishing on two counts - 1. I have never seen a sunrise like that in Surrey before & 2. I was up early enough in the morning to see a sunrise!

Pretending I was a millionaire on beautiful boat for the day....

Although I did see several seals in the sea, these seals/sea-lions were at the Gweek Seal Sanctuary...

- who knew they had toenails

This is a before & after of one getting angry with me cos I blocked his sunlight!

The astounding St. Michaels Mount, which gets completely cut off from the mainland at high tide. As you can see from my pic the causeway is about to be flooded by the tide and anyone who didn't manage to get off the island on time will need to catch the local ferry.

- you'll think I'm mad but I swear there is a heart shape on my Cornish Pasty....

Bye Cornwall x


  1. Bex,
    Amazing photos! It looked like you had a great time.

  2. What beautiful photos! That's a new one for me too, I never knew seal had toenails either :)


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