Monday, February 22, 2010

Now for the Arty bit...

For some reason I have always been drawn to oil on canvas. I like paintings you can get lost in, that can tell you a story without using words. All of us probably own at least one picture in our home that makes us smile or compels us to look at it for a couple of seconds every time you walk past. For me, I own several pictures that my Granny painted, each one holds different but precious memories of a great lady who loved to paint. Most are of beautiful scenes leaving to you to imagine that you could close your eyes and jump into their world like Mary Poppins and the chalk street pictures. I imagine what thoughts and feelings my Granny would have had as she painted, when I am working on a canvas I feel as though time is suspended while I create my new world.

This is one of my canvas paintings and is simply titled Wave;

                                                                                                  © REBECCA WARD 2010

Sadly, I haven't painted anything for a while now and I am hoping that my blog will erase my 'painters block' and instil some inspiration!

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